What’s Lazefficient?

Are you lazy? I’m lazy. I used to think that was a bad thing, until I realized I’m really good at it. Actually, what I’m good at is hyper-focusing on important projects, increasing efficiency in my tasks, and cutting out things that don’t matter.

If you look at the thesaurus, the word “lazy” is associated with a lot of pretty negative terms.

Screenshot of Lazy results from thesaurus.com

The synonyms associated with “efficiency” and “productivity” are much more positive.

Our society is big on busy-ness. Until I embraced my laziness, I usually felt guilty every single time I sat down to relax. I felt like I needed to be doing something all the time or I wasn’t contributing – to my household, my family, society, myself.

But it really is human nature to be both as efficient and lazy as possible to conserve energy. Our ancestors had to work hard to get their food, and they weren’t about to waste all the energy they consumed performing any task unless it had a clear and obvious beneficial outcome. They’d weave baskets, not because it was the latest Pinterest craze, but because they needed to use them to hold things. They didn’t go to seminars and conferences, but they did learn from their elders about plants, hunting, cooking, etc.

At the end of the day, our ancestors probably didn’t gather around the fire to invent new CrossFit moves or plan their future goals for getting more of XYZ (unless it was food or tools). They relaxed and enjoyed themselves, told stories, and connected. They deserved it. It made sense.

Animals are lazy and efficient too. They eat, have sex, find shelter, sleep, and relax. When their bellies are full, they don’t start cramming for a degree in biochemistry or build skyscrapers. They conserve their energy.

Lazefficient Bear


And that’s what I do. I’ve spent quite a bit of time deciding what’s actually important in my life and then crafted a life around those needs and desires. I have goals like the rest of them, but I do everything I’ve decided I must do with the highest efficiency I can attain. Then, I relax.

I’m a runner, a mother, a founder, a leader, a writer, and so many other things. I need to spend time recovering, otherwise I burn out. You’ve experienced that, no?

It is so glamorous to be productive, busy, and always working that many of us have started bragging about how much we work and how little we sleep, like it’s a badge of honor. That’s okay, if that is what your best possible life looks like and your body can handle it. But if your life is filled to the max with endless tasks, and you feel like you can never catch up, and you long for vacation just so you can rest a little, I’m here to help you.

On this blog, I will write about evaluating what you value most, determining when tasks have little or no clear benefit (and cutting them), and increasing efficiency in all the rest of the tasks that you want or need to keep.

Lazefficient is the mashing of lazy and efficient. Chose what’s most important to you, be as efficient as you can be, and enjoy rest and relaxation. Because you only get one life; relax.